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A4 Resources

Learn More about Alternatives Assessment

The A4 works collaboratively with other professional networks working on alternatives assessment or related disciplines to build synergies and scale collective impact. The activities of the A4 span educational webinars and discussions, an online platform, and a biannual international symposium, including:

  • Holding discussions on scientific, methodological and practice topics that advance capacity among alternatives assessment professionals;
  • Creating opportunities for alternatives assessment professionals to network and connect with colleagues to share knowledge and experiences;
  • Organizing scientific and practice workgroups to address gaps in methods and practice;
  • Supporting the publication of peer-reviewed articles, commentaries and other literature on alternatives assessment methods and practice.

Alternatives Assessment 101 Webinar


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Effectively reducing the impact of toxic chemicals on human health and the environment requires a focus the informed transition to safer and feasible chemicals, materials and technologies. Alternatives assessment has emerged as an important science policy field to help guide this transition during product design and substitution decisions. But what is alternatives assessment? This 75 minute Alternatives Assessment 101 webinar is designed to provide an introduction for those who are new to the field. It is also designed to support a foundational understanding of alternatives assessment for individuals attending the Nov 1-2, 2018 International Symposium on Alternatives Assessment ( The webinar will answer questions such as: What is alternatives assessment? Why use it? How does it differ from other approaches such as risk assessment? What are the main components of the approach? What resources/tools are available? The webinar will also feature insights and lessons from practitioners and researchers from academia, private consulting, government, and private industry who are working together to build the field.


Watch the Webinar [link]



OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Toolbox (SAAT)

Link here to the OECD Substitution and Alternatives Assessment Tool Box. This Tool Box includes a compilation of resources relevant to chemical substitution and alternatives assessment, including alternatives assessment frameworks, completed assessments, and assessment tools.